Sunday, February 21, 2010

it could happen . . .

so today . . . somebody new read my blog! i'm so excited!!

rollie and i were sitting in rubio's tonight, after a very busy sunday, waiting for our food to arrive. i pulled out my phone to check my texts and emails. (i love my phone!) i love it when i check my email and see that someone has commented on my blog! i had already received comments from my mom and diandra on yesterday's blog, so i wasn't really expecting any more comments today. because while several of you are nice enough to leave me comments, many of you don't seem to read on the weekends. but you never know, so i continued on down the list of new emails.

and then, there it was . . . a comment from a name i did not recognize.

"i have a new blog reader!" i excitedly announced to rollie.

i opened the email and read the comment and immediately posted it--from my phone! (again, i love my phone.) i went back to my email, and there was another comment from my new reader. more excitement!!

who was this new person? i wondered. so i did the only thing i could do--i went to her blog. and here is what i learned--

1. she lives in north carolina.
2. she is a careful blogger--much more careful than i am! there are no pictures on her blog. she uses cryptic names for those she writes about. but since you can't blog without revealing something of yourself, i also learned . . .
3. she is a newlywed.
4. she teaches small children.
5. she loves her parents (who were missionaries.)
6. and her husband.
7. she has a sense of humor.

woohoo! she is a real person!

i say this, because sometimes the people who comment on my blog are not real people. once i even got a comment in chinese. since my school is in a chinese church, i asked the pastor if he could read it. he said, "well, it looks to me like it is an advertisement for a whole list of internet sites for comics with 'adult' content." yikes!! i quickly deleted that comment.

i know my excitement may seem out of proportion, considering it is just one new reader. but she apparently found me randomly. and if she found me randomly, maybe others will too . . .

i'm going to have to be careful, or i might become famous . . .

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mom said...

Always exciting when someone appreciates something we do or write about and to have someone new is a reason to be excited...