Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i'm an iceberg? yes, i am!

so today . . . i spent a lot of time writing something on facebook called "25 things about me." it was kind of like a blog--you were just supposed to list 25 things about yourself--stuff no one knows, or things that are unusual or special about you, and then send it to 25 people so they can do it too. the idea is sharing information about yourself and receiving information you might not know about 25 other people. i kind of put it off for a day or two. i really didn't think i could come up with 25 interesting things to say about myself. but other people's lists started showing up on my facebook page, so i decided to do it before it just looked like i had copied everyone else's ideas.

i started with my favorite colors--that was easy. and then i just kept going. i worked on it off and on all day and finished it up late this afternoon. and you know what? i could have written MORE than 25 things--i was still thinking of stuff i could have said! it was kind of fun, and the cool part is that when i got finished and read over the list, i realized that i am like an iceberg--what most people see is only a little bit of who i am. there is a whole lot of my being that is underwater (metaphorically speaking, because in reality NONE of me would EVER be under water!! well maybe just my feet . . . )

i thought about copying the whole thing here to my blog, because i did work on it all day, and the responses to it so far have been good (apparently it is making people laugh--i choose to think that is a good thing.) but it was pretty long. i did save it though, and on those days when i can't think of anything else to write, i will choose one of my 25 things and write about it. ( oooohhh, something for you to look forward to.)

**btw, it is supposed to rain tomorrow or friday. i tell you this to warn you that there may be another weather blog appearing over the weekend, because i think some of you choose to avoid those . . . although i don't know why--weather can be fascinating. just ask my dad!

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Lisa said...

Publish it on your blog, those things are fun!