Thursday, August 27, 2009

the blogger tries something new--and lives to regret it.

so today . . . i lost my blog!!! and it was so good!!!

diandra and i went to a photography meeting tonight in orange county. it was only 20 minutes away, but we had to go during night traffic, so we left about an hour and a half before it was scheduled to begin. we knew a lot of people were going to be at the meeting, and we wanted to be sure we were there soon enough to get a good seat. and we were. but the traffic wasn't that bad, so we actually got there an hour early!

shortly after we laid claim to a couple of good seats, diandra was asked to help with the name tags. that left me sitting in a nearly empty room with nothing to do. so i pulled out my phone and started playing around.

i have accessed my blog on my phone before, but i've never tried to actually write it on my phone. while the keyboard on my treo 755 is fine for texting, i didn't think it would be good for writing a whole blog! the keys are tiny, and right now my "w" key does not work well. but i had nothing else to do, so i thought i would give it a try. i didn't really think i would write the whole blog, but i thought i could at least get it started.

i got to the web page with no problems, but it took a while to figure out how to make it work. once i was able to type "so today . . . " i started blogging away. i knew that i would have some editing to do when i got home, because there were no "w"s. i was more than half way done and was very pleased with how it was coming out. and then the announcement came--there was food in the back! well, you know i put my phone down and went to see what goodies were available. there were chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes! i helped myself, took some to diandra (who was still helping with name tags--250 people came!) and got back to my chair just as it was time to begin.

the meeting was fun, the speaker was good, and now i think i might want to be a photographer when i grow up--that's how amazing the speaker was! it was a wonderful opportunity to meet other photographers, and a lot of them recognized diandra from her blog. i thought that was kind of exciting!

we came home and i settled down with my computer to burn cds of diandra's most recent photo shoots so they could be mailed out. but first, i thought i would finish my blog. it was almost done and i wanted to get it posted before i started anything else. i logged onto blogspot. i went to my list of drafts, and the post i had written earlier was gone! and it was really, really good--you guys would have loved it. i could just try to rewrite it, but i have found that my rewrites are never as good as my first attempt. i couldn't believe it was gone! my computer autosaves what i write every 5 minutes. and that is when it hit me--my computer autosaves what i have written, my phone does not. i vaguely recall seeing a "save" button on the webpage on my phone, and i briefly thought of pushing it. but then cupcakes were mentioned. with cream cheese frosting . . . and i guess i sort of thought my phone would be as smart as my computer and save my work. clearly, i was wrong.

so now i am bummed. and tired. and hot (i think it was over 100 degrees today!) and not a photographer. and almost not a blogger . . . and it is late. and i still have cds to burn.

but tomorrow is the gem show, and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gem show--i am going hunting for peridot and garnet and quartz!!

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