Tuesday, August 4, 2009

once again, my plan is thwarted . . .

so today . . . i wasn't going to blog. i have spent the day sitting on the couch with my computer and the tv--really very little human interaction--so i don't have much to blog about.

i tend to spend my time doing the urgent. for the last few weeks, the urgent has been dealing with all this stuff that we have accumulated that we don't have space for anymore. this morning a whole bunch of that stuff made it's way to the curb outside and into a big truck that took it off someplace to where other people can use it (i hope.) so for now, dealing with the "stuff" has been moved from the urgent list to the "i'll deal with the rest of it later" list.

today the urgent was working on the music files on my computer. yes, i know i talked about doing this a while back. you were probably under the mistaken impression that i had finished that project. i did finish a portion of it, but there is still a lot of music hiding on my computer that cannot be accessed by itunes. which is a problem.

it is a problem, because i have new musicians in the band at church, and they need more practice than i can give them during a 1 hour rehearsal on wednesday nights. so it would be really helpful if they had the songs we are learning on their ipods (because, as i am finding out, EVERYONE has an ipod--even if they don't have a cell phone, they have an ipod . . . ) but first, i have to find and retrieve these songs that are hiding from me and then import them into itunes--which, as you know, hates me.

so after lunch, i sat down on the couch with every intention of staying right there until i was done. i really need to have this music ready to distribute by tomorrow night. it could take several hours, but that's ok--it was time to take charge and get it done.

when i sat down, i saw the note diandra had left for me about taking care of some photography business for her. i figured it would take me less than an hour, so i decided to do that first. THEN i would tackle the music, because who knows how long that is going to take . . .

i pulled the photo files up on my computer and got started. of course i had issues with my dvd drive, because when has the dvd drive on any computer i have ever owned worked properly?!?! i kept trying different things until i finally successfully burned a cd. then, all i had to do was remember how i did it so that i could burn the second one. if i had known that what i was doing was going to work, i would have paid more attention to how i did it . . . i finally managed to get the second cd burned and then started on the next project. it turned out to be somewhat more complicated, mostly because i was working with almost 5 gigabytes of photos! that is a lot of pictures to be manipulating.

while i worked, i finished watching season one of meerkat manor. i first saw meerkat manor when i was out of town and staying in a motel that had cable channels. since we don't have cable at home, we love to watch the discovery channel and national geographic and tnt when we have the opportunity. we happened upon meerkat manor, and those little critters were so cute that when i found the shows on netflix, i thought, "yay!"

let me just say, i now know that this is not a show about cute, cuddly, furry little creatures. i mean the meerkats are cute and furry, but their social system is brutal. the matriarch, who someone should have named "attila" instead of "flower" rules the roost and it is not always pretty. they fight, they have forbidden pregnancies, they are ostrasized. they have to deal with predators and rival meerkat families and the elements of living in the african desert. sometimes the babies die. i almost stopped watching. rollie keeps reminding me that it isn't about being nice, it's about survival. i happen to think there has to be a way to survive and still get along with each other. but they are animals not people, and i guess even people have trouble with that one sometimes . . .

i finally finished the photograhy project, but it took several hours. i am happy with the result though, so i guess it was time well spent. i was working on wedding photos today, and they were just beautiful--so many sweet and fun moments!

and now it is past midnight. and the music files i need are still hiding from me on my computer. they did not make it into itunes. again.

oh well, "tomorrow is another day . . . "


Mom said...

That job with Diandra may turn into full time. I'm sure she appreciates all your work. Now on to the music files. That little computer is a hard worker..

Jewelielyn said...

that's what i am hoping. and yes, that is why i go through computers like i do--they are on almost all the time!!