Saturday, August 15, 2009

a little help here!!!

so today . . . i was afraid there would be no blog. again. but the best way i know to kill a blog is to stop writing. so the pressure was on to find something to write about.

and it was hard! rollie is not feeling good today, and diandra had plans that did not include going anywhere with her mom. and i didn't really want to leave rollie alone anyway, so i spent the day at home. my prospects for blogging material were not good, not good at all . . .

. . . and then i got javvy's text message--"mighty to save and that other fast one. let's do like 6 fast songs!"

javvy is the drummer in my worship band. he is 16 years old.

sixteen year old boys are a mystery to me. i have a brother, but i am three years older than he is. so when he was 16, i was away at college. diandra was 16 once, but she is a girl--which is a whole different thing. since i lead worship in our alternative service at church, and half my band is 16 year old boys, you would think i would have a clue. but i don't . . .

don't misunderstand me--the boys in our youth group are funny and entertaining and endearing, and i like them. but their thought processes can seem so random, especially the boys in the band. they seem to have the attention span of a . . . well, i don't even know what to compare it to. let's just say that i think they have usually stopped thinking about what i am saying to them before i get to the end of my first sentence. i can tell this is happening, because they stop looking at me, and then when i get done talking (or even before i am done talking,) they will say something totally unrelated. it can be confusing at times, or frustrating. but i have to admit, sometimes it can be really funny.

today i needed to get a music set written for church tomorrow, and i just didn't feel like doing it. i do this every week--write a set--and it usually isn't a big deal. but today it just wasn't happening . . . i tried to get diandra to help me. "hey, do you want to pick your favorite songs to sing tomrrow?" i texted her. who wouldn't want to do that?!? apparently diandra--she declined. so javvy was next on my list. he always has an opinion. the problem is, he is a drummer.

drummers apparently don't hear lyrics--they hear beats, rhythms, and tempos--which resulted in his lack of being able to come up with the song title for what he was hearing in his head.

so i texted back to javvy--"that other fast one?!?! i think i need more info than that!"

he replied, "i think it's like 3 words long and one starts with an f. i think."

i had to laugh. come on! our band knows a lot of songs and that description was supposed to point me to the ONE song he was thinking of?!?

this was not helping me. not at all. but it did make me laugh. i don't think he was trying to make me laugh. i think he really thought he was helping--that i would get that message and think, "oh that one . . . " but that is not what happened.

i did try to track down his mystery song. i found songs with three word titles. i found songs with words that started with the letter f. but no songs that fit both criteria, not to mention being fast . . .

so i wrote the set myself and emailed it to the tech people. then i went on with my day. we gave the dogs showers and had panda express for lunch. i did laundry, played on pet society, did some more laundry . . . and then several hours later i got another text from javvy.

"trading my sorrows!!"

do YOU see the letter 'f ' anywhere in that song title?!?!

sixteen year old boys. drummers. God help me . . .


Mom said...

Just be glad you don't have one at home that you raising...

Scuotto Graphics Plus Blog said...

Don't worry Julie, I'm raising one and even I still don't get them. lol.

Btw-this is your Sunday Plus Tech.