Thursday, August 6, 2009

lunch isn't just a meal--it's an adventure!

so today . . . rollie and diandra and i went to lunch together. we don't get to do that too often anymore, because we all work and it just seems hard for all of us to make it to the same place at the same time--unless it is church on sunday morning where we all have responsibilities, and so we HAVE to be there.

i am on summer "vacation" from school. (i put the word "vacation" in quotation marks, because i don't feel like i have been vacationing much! but since i do not have to get up and go to work every day, technically i guess i am on vacation.) this means that i can be free for lunch almost every day--which works to my advantage!

and today was diandra's day off. usually she is busy on her day off--doing what, i don't know. but usually she sleeps in, gets up and gets dressed, and then disappears . . . she always turns up before the next morning though, so i don't worry about her. too much . . . i am a mom, you know, so i have to worry a little bit!

since it was her day off, and she was still at home, i sent her a text (because i hadn't seen her beautiful face yet) asking if she wanted to go to lunch. yes, i text her even though she is just upstairs! it is much more civilized than yelling up the stairs, i think. plus, she never seems to hear me when i yell up the stairs, so then i have to walk up the stairs and go down the hall and knock on her door and wait for her to answer it, all just to get an answer to the question "do you want to go to lunch today." i would rather sit on the couch and send her a message.

she responded to my text by coming downstairs and talking to me for a little bit before heading back upstairs to get ready to go. i realized that we were not all going to fit in rollie's car, so i sent him a text. this is what it said--"why don't we just meet you there because we can't both fit in your car." at least, that is what i meant to say. the message i actually sent said this--"Hy don't e just meet u there cuz e ont both firt in your car." the W on my phone isn't working right now, and sometimes i hit the wrong key, so it takes some decoding skills to read my texts.

five minutes later, i heard the garage door open. that meant rollie was home. hmmm, i thought, that's odd--he must have already been on his way before he got my text.

about that time, diandra came out of her room with that sad look on her face that she has used since she was four, and said to me, "you mean i can't ride with you to lunch?"

"of course you can," i said. but still she stood there, looking confused, with her phone in her hand. "but you said there wasn't room for me." now i was the one with the confused look on my face, until she said, "you texted me . . . " and then i realized that once again, i had sent a text to the wrong person . . . and diandra had received the message intended for rollie.

i do this all the time. i get in a hurry and i write and send a text off, and it goes to the last person i texted instead of the person i want to text. in fact, i don't keep chat strands on my phone anymore except for rollie, diandra, and my mom. then at least if i send a message off to the wrong person, it will be one of them . . .

by now my message was moot anyway, because we were all at home. but the problem still existed, because both rollie's car and my car will only hold two people, and there are three of us. so it seemed logical to take diandra's car.

diandra's car is a jeep--and not just any jeep--it is a jeep with gigantic tires and no top. well, it has a top, but she never uses it. a discussion ensued about the possibility of making it to jack-in-the-box without stopping for gas, and two out of three of us decided it was worth the risk--you can probably guess which two out of three--so we piled into the jeep. eventually. because someone had to climb into the backseat, and there is no back door and did i mention the enormous tires?!?! right now there is also no top and no windows, so diandra said, "just climb up over the tire into the back seat." uh huh . . . sometimes she forgets i am somewhat older than most of the people who ride in her jeep! rollie saved me by volunteering to ride in the back, and seemed to have no trouble climbing in.

one of the things i love about our family is that we have fun together. even if all we are doing is going to lunch, we will joke and tease and laugh and have a good time. and the fun increases exponentially, depending on how many of us there are. any two of us can have a good time, but the three of us together? it's a riot!

we headed to jack in the box, the vinyl seats searing our skin through our clothes, while diandra said we were whiny crybabies (she didn't actually use that exact term, but i know that is what she meant!) two out of three of us thought the lunch was delicious, and then two out of three of us complained about the hot seats on the way home again.

ok, that is a lie--i just liked the symmetry of it. only one out of three of us complained about the hot seats again. and you can probably guess which one it was . . .

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