Thursday, April 8, 2010

400 and counting . . .

so today . . . here i am, writing my 400th blog.

i've kind of put off writing this blog--you may have noticed it has been a few days since i last posted--because it is a milestone, and i wanted it to be extra great. so i kept waiting and watching for something awesome to happen that could be featured as "my 400th blog!"

but nothing awesome happened.

why is it that anytime a number ends in a zero or a five, it suddenly takes on an added significance. and if it is double zeros? major added significance! i didn't toil over blog #389 or blog #214--well, anymore than i usually do--but for some reason i feel that blog #400 should be extra wonderful. so all week i have been on alert for an extra wonderful story to tell.

but nothing extra wonderful has happened.

i slogged through my days at work, blowing my nose every 15 minutes, and asking my kids, "are you making good choices?"every two minutes--at least, it seemed like it was every two minutes. i came home and took naps, woke up to eat dinner and maintain my fb games (because even in sickness, crops and pets must be tended to,) and then went to bed--only to do it all again the next day. and the next day. and the day after that.

i didn't see diandra, so there were no contributions there. my school kids probably said some funny stuff, but i can't remember any of it. rollie fed me and listened to me whine, but was smart enough not to add anything to the mix.

so here i am, ready to write blog #400, and my brain is empty of awesomeness . . .

. . . and yet, i have written 400 blogs. i think that is quite an accomplishment! i've written on good days and bad days. i've written from home and from out of town. i've written during the heat of summer and the cold of winter (ok, i know it is california so we are only talking about a difference of 10 or 15 degrees, but still . . . ) i've thrown everyone in my family under the bus for the sake of a laugh--even the dogs. i've stayed up later than i should on school nights and occasionally ignored the vacuuming (yes, sometimes sacrifices had to be made.) some days i have looked at my blank computer screen eagerly, and some days i have looked at it blankly, but the result has been 399 blogs. most of them have been funny, a few have been a little more contemplative, but i think some of them have been awesome!

unfortunately, the awesome ones just didn't happen to be blog #400 . . . :)

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mom said...

What a great milestone!! I have enjoyed them all and appreciated all the effort and time you give to your blog. Look forward to reading them always....