Sunday, April 4, 2010

random thoughts from a sudafed-addled mind

so today . . . i realized i hadn't blogged in a few days and decided i had better write something!

i've had the whole sinus thing going on again, as you may have figured out after reading about my adventure at the pharmacy on wednesday. and when i am sick, i don't really go anywhere or do anything, so blogging is a challenge. i could write about the stuff going on in my head, but i don't want to alarm you . . .

but i also don't want you to stop reading my blog, so the pressure is on to write something! i don't have a hilarious escapade to tell you about--escapades only happen when i am out of the house--so i am just going to share some random thoughts about the last couple of days.

*why do i feel the need for a new dress on easter? easter is not about what i am wearing, and yet, it doesn't feel like easter unless i am wearing a new dress. i don't remember if i always had a new dress for easter when i was growing up, but i remember that brand new bright, white patent leather shoes showed up in my easter basket more than once.

*what possesses people to wait until sunday night to go to target to do their easter basket shopping? i mean really, if you are going to wait until easter eve, don't expect to be able to get any cadbury eggs . . . (i know, because i tried!)

*if you find an expensive piece of electronic equipment made by apple on a movie theater bathroom floor, wouldn't you be honest and return it? because if you keep it, it is stealing--especially when it displays an "if found" message when you turn it on . . .

*nasal irrigation does help--sometimes just not enough.

*we had an earthquake today, and i was awake and able to experience it. it sort of felt like vertigo, only it lasted a couple of minutes. it felt like the earth was just sort of shimmying, not quaking. i guess i am not the earthquake repellent that i thought i was. sigh.

*when diandra got up this morning, she came into my room and said, "well, i guess pigs are flying somewhere." what? then she continued, "you bought me navy nail polish." yes, i have not been a fan of those really dark colors, but they are starting to grow on me . . . and target was out of cadbury eggs, so i had to get something for her easter basket.

*i got to hear rollie play the bass guitar in church this morning. since he is the pastor, he is in "big boy church" every sunday, but i am always in the alternative service. so i don't get to hear him very often, but today i did. and he sounded awesome!

it is now past 9:30 and i need to go to bed. i know this is early, but remember, my sinuses are trying to kill me and i need to go to work in the morning. in order to overcome my evil sinuses, i must battle them with nasal rinses, contraband sudafed, and sleep. and in order to complete this trifecta of mucous annihilation, i must go to bed. right now.


Wendy said...

I buy many bags of Cadbury eggs the day after Valentines Day when Wally World puts all of the Easter stuff out! Yum!!! Now I have a private stash!

mom said...

Random Thoughts: I was at Rite Aid this morning and they had lots of Cadbury eggs at 50% off. I also want to know if you went outside when you felt the quake. That is the first action. Get out of the house when you feel an earthquake.....That dark blue and black nail polish always looks to me like their fingers got shut in the car door or something and they have turned black and blue and are sure to fall off eventually... I wore old clothes for Easter. The dresses that are being put out are most ridiculous....And I hope Rollie gets his itouch back. Maybe someone will play a while and then call. If not, pray that they become so guilty they can't sleep until they do call....In the meantime, get well, enjoy the nice weather and better days ahead....