Monday, April 5, 2010

a day of discussions . . .

so today . . . was an exciting day at school. we talked about earthquakes, rain, and new glasses.

yesterday we had an earthquake. well, technically WE didn't have an earthquake. the earthquake was in mexicali, mexico, but we felt it here. it was a very strange feeling. i have been so excited to actually feel an earthquake, and yesterday i did. and then i promptly forgot about it.

this morning i had other issues on my mind, until the first little dumpling came into my room. he was so excited to tell me all about the "earfquake." this pattern repeated itself all morning, which led to a discussion about what to do if we have an earthquake at school.

midway through the morning, we were interrupted by the sound of rain on our windows. this is not small feat, since we are in a basement and our windows are at ground level. it was raining hard! and since we rarely have rain like that during the day, it was distracting. but i knew that it was supposed to clear up by late morning, so that led to a discussion about rainbows. we watched for a rainbow all morning, but with our small, ground level windows we didn't get to see one . . .

and then . . . new glasses came to school today on the face of one of my little boys. he came in so non-challantly, like "yeah, i'm wearing glasses, and now i am even more cool than i was before!" and yet, i could see a little bit of hesitation too, like "are they going to buy it? will they think i am cool? or just dorky?" so to diffuse the situation, we talked about it. i told him how cool i thought they looked and asked if he could see better when wearing them. he tilted his head to the side, thought for a moment, and then said, "no, everything looks smaller!" it was funny to watch him adjusting to them. he was having some problems, because he is korean and the bridge of his nose hasn't developed much yet, so trying to keep his glasses up on his nose was a challenge! they kept sliding down to the end of his nose, but he didn't really know what to do about it, so he would look out over the top of them. until he remembered that he was supposed to be looking through them, and then he would tip his head way back so he could see through the lenses. it was hilarious!

and that about sums up my day--pretty low key and uneventful. but you know, sometimes low key and uneventful is preferable to stressful and full of drama.

goodness knows i've had plenty of those days lately . . .

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