Friday, April 9, 2010

under construction

so today . . . i am revamping the look of my blog.

i started my blog on an impulse. i was on vacation. i was obsessing about getting business cards but having nothing to write on them, so my solution was to write a blog. technically it was diandra's idea, and she helped me get it set up. i spent a long time playing with combinations of colors until i liked the way it looked. then diandra made the banner for me in about five minutes--with a picture! i was stunned! but i was so glad for her help or i might still be sitting there trying to figure out how to put a picture on it and which picture to use. when we were finished, i really liked how it turned out. and every day when i went to my blog, it made me feel happy.

then several months later, diandra had her blog updated. she added a new background and banner, and the design of all the elements were coordinated. she had new pictures taken, and it even showed her name at the end of each post, like she had signed it. i thought it looked so cool! i decided my blog needed a change too, so i planned to do it for my blog's one year anniversary--which, as luck would have it, happened to come right in the middle of my battle with pneumonia. i just didn't have the energy to play with my blog, so christmas came and went and nothing changed.

then it was my birthday, and diandra said that for my gift, she was going to pay a designer to redo my blog! all i had to do was decide how i wanted it to look . . .

yay, i thought! finally my blog would get a new look. because as much as i liked the original design, i was starting to long for something a little snazzier. i started looking at blog designs online and there were so many choices! i kind of had an idea of the colors i wanted to use, but i couldn't find just the right combination. i looked and looked, but i just couldn't make a decision. as you know, decision-making isn't my strong suit . . .

and then this week i got an email from blogger explaining some updates that would make it easy to update and change the blog design. i started playing with it, and was again faced with so many choices! but i am figuring it out, and i'm going to spend some time this weekend playing with it. which means i will probably not be writing any new blogs for the next couple of days. however, the look of the blog may change several times.

because i think it is time for a change. i have, after all, written 400 blogs :)

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mom said...

Lokking forward to the new look but just so you know, I like the look of the old one, too. You should get a picture of it before you change it. Also, have you checked into getting your blogs bound and can you actually pull up all 400 if you wanted?