Sunday, April 18, 2010

ambushed at borders!

so today . . .  i bought a book.  i couldn't help myself.

i don't buy a lot of books any more.  i love to read, but i can't see spending money on books that i am only going to read once or twice, so i rarely buy adult fiction.  i do occasionally buy special interest books, and i have spent a lot of money over the years buying children's books.

i loooove children's books--i always have. i started buying children's books when i was student teaching.  then a few years later, i had a delightful little girl and i wanted her to love books too. any teacher will tell you that kids should have books of their own if you want them to love reading, and i wanted her to love reading as much as i do.  plus, i teach preschool, which also gave me a good excuse to buy books.

but my darling little daughter is all grown up now, and i don't know how many years of teaching i have left in me, and i already probably own hundreds of children's books. so i don't buy books too often anymore. instead i go to our awesome library.  and yet bookstores still draw me in . . .

tonight i was at the towne center to meet rollie for dinner.  he was delayed in getting there, so i wandered through borders, which has the good fortune to be right by rubio's!  and i had the good fortune to have a borders gift card in my wallet.  i wasn't really planning on buying anything, but i had some time to kill and i like to check out the sale racks, because you just never know what you will find.

today i walked into borders, looked at the sale rack, and saw this:

i was immediately drawn to this cute little frog, but i was just looking.  i didn't need any more books.  besides, if we have an earthquake, all my books will probably be crushed anyway.  so my brain was saying just walk away.  but my body is getting pretty good at ignoring my brain, so i picked it up.  i stuck my fingers into the eyeball tubes, and that is when the fun began . . .
every page has a variety of bugs in different locations, so as you read the book you get to swivel the eyes around to look at the bugs.

oh yes, this book was coming home with me!

apparently i am easily amused.


Diandra Ann said...

so THAT'S where I get it! :)

PS... that frog is creepy.

Al said...

oh my gosh!! theres a warning label on the book!!! =)

mom said...

Books are so timeless. I love the book fairs at school. There is so much good literature out there for kids these days and a fun way for kids to learn all sorts of facts while being entertained and learning to read. Read on!!!!!!!!!