Saturday, April 24, 2010

in the red!

so today . . . i am sad.

i was mad, but now i am sad.

my bank account is overdrawn. i made a mistake and it is costing me. i knew my funds were getting low--we are approaching the end of the month, after all--so on thursday afternoon i checked my balance before i went to do some errands. i was pleasantly surprised! it seemed that i had a bit more in the account than i thought. so after picking up a few things from the grocery store, i came home and downloaded a song from amazon, and got dinner from chick-fil-a. earlier in the day i had gone to 7-11 for brownies. i didn't spend that much, but i did complete four different transactions. the bank graciously deducted the largest one first, which resulted in four overdraft fees.

each one of those transactions has cost me an additional $35. each one! even the music download--yeah, i am now the owner of a $36 song. and it isn't even a song i love--it is a song i needed for band rehearsal!

i called the bank to try to convince them that it was ridiculous for me to have to pay all those fees. they agreed to cancel one of them, but i am still on the line for the other three. my only recourse is apparently to write to the home office, plead my case, and see what happens. which i'm sure will be nothing, but it guess i will do it anyway. in the mean time, i have to cover those charges by wednesday, or they will charge me another $35 for being overdrawn for more than five days. really. they can do that.

so i guess i will have to come up with $100 anyway, but now it won't be going to buy that beautiful, soft, leather handbag that i blogged about on thursday. instead it will be going to my greedy, sneaky bank.

i wonder if they will take a gift card . . .

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Wendy said...

Julie- attatch your checking account to savings account. My bank will pay from there and inform me of my mistake. Never an overdraft charge... :)