Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so today . . . i wanted to share some funny stories from school. sometimes the kids say something that makes me laugh, but it isn't enough for a whole blog. so when that happens, i make a note and save it. i was looking at those little bits of paper today, and i think i have enough to share. i was going to share little bits from several children, but after i got done with joshua's, i decided to save the others for another day. so here we go . . .

joshua: i've always wanted to bite someone's nose.
me: why?
joshua: i just think it would be fun! (and then he started staring at my nose . . . i backed slowly away from the boy . . . )

joshua: i have a lot of friends.
me: really? how many?
joshua: five. (at first, i thought FIVE?!?!? clearly i have not done my job teaching this child about the size of numbers. i mean, when he said he had a lot of friends, i was thinking he would say a thousand million or something like that. and then he said five--like he really knew who they were. and i guess most of us would be pretty fortunate if we could say we had five friends--and feel like it was a lot!)

here are some random joshua remarks:

i think i have a dog nose. i can smell really good! (ok, that makes sense to me--dogs have a good sense of smell, and apparently so does joshua.)

these are not people ears--they are monkey ears. (sometimes there are just no words . . . )

i wish i was a house so i wouldn't go to sleep. (huh?)

yesterday i ate sushi. (ok, these are not words i ever thought i would hear coming out of a five year old's mouth! i don't know, i guess i just think of sushi as a kind of hip "look how cool i am" young adult eating out food--not as actual asian cuisine. but it is. and when your students are asian, i guess it isn't weird. but it still seems odd to me to hear them say it just like i would say, "yesterday i had a hamburger . . . " )

we have been learning a song to perform for our graduation program, and we have been working pretty hard on the choreography. the kids really like the song, and i will hear them singing it on the playground, at rest time, and even in the bathroom (over the noise of the fan!) one afternoon joshua had been singing away in the bathroom at the top of his lungs. and when he came out, he said to me, "i can feel you dancing in my head."
"oh?" i said, "and how does that feel?"
he thought for a minute and then said, "kind of tickly."

today joshua said: do you know about aquaman?
me: yes, kind of.
joshua: he is a man. but how can he breathe underwater?
me: hmmm. i don't know. what do you think?
joshua: maybe he is part fish. i wish i was a fish.
me: (with my usual response) really? why?
joshua: because i would live underwater.
me: yes?
joshua: and then i wouldn't have to do my homework--because the paper would get all wet.
somehow, he had gotten a drip of water on his paper, and discovered that he couldn't write on that part of it, so i guess he was thinking if the whole paper was wet . . .

lately, my two boys have started complaining after rest time about not feeling good. i think this stems from the fact that we have been sending a lot of kids home sick. it usually goes this way--a child complains they don't feel good, we take their temperature, if they have a temperature, they get to lay on a cot with a blanket until mommy or daddy comes to take them home. to a five year old, this can look like a pretty good deal. (actually, it looks like a pretty good deal to their teacher too, but my mommy and daddy are too far away to come get me--i could lay on the cot with a blanket though . . . )

anyway, one afternoon, this is the conversation that occurred while we were working in our science books . . .
jonathan: i don't feel good.
me: well . . . (and before i can say any more than that, joshua jumps in.)
joshua: we still have to suck it up, and do our work
i am a little shocked! so i say, "joshua! where did you hear that?!?"
and he says, "you say it all the time!"
i do?!?!? now i am really shocked! oh man, i think, i don't remember ever saying that but apparently i have. so i tell him that maybe he shouldn't say that anymore, because it doesn't sound very nice, thinking "oh gosh! i sure hope he doesn't go home and say that to his mother!"
then he says, "what does it mean?" so i explain that it means be tough, don't give up--see, it is a GOOD thing, it was just an unfortuate choice of words.
then jonathan says, "but i still don't feel very good!"
and joshua replies, "stop your whining!"
"joshua!!" i say.
"well," he says, "you say that too!"
and, i admit it, i do. maybe i should just stop talking until joshua goes to first grade . . .


my kid's not your student said...

as cute as these gems are, i may be glad that i didnt enroll ty in your class. i dont think the words he would say in your class would display great parenting. then your 2 blog followers would know what a horrible parent i am....


Jewelielyn said...

hahaha! well, i would of course have to change his name to protect the innocent. and most parents would be shocked at what their kids say! i always think, "if their parents only knew . . . "

Rick said...

Very funny. I think that I would enjoy meeting Joshua.

Thank you Jewelielyn for becoming a follower on my blog. I am honored, but didn't your mother teach you anything about following strangers.

See you around.

Stay "Tooned",


Rafter's-n-Henderson said...

Very funny... I'll be back to read more about joshua and his funniness.... I thought 10 year olds were the funniest.. I guessed wrong.


Jes said...

hehehhehe i think Joshua is SO funny!! he ran to me, hugged me and shouted/mumbled something quickly, and i told him, joshua, you just spit in my face,
Josh: oh did I? Sorry.
Me: so what were you saying?
Josh: sorry?
Me: no no, before you said sorry?
Josh: sorry?
(one more time)
Me: no no, before you said that?
Josh: sorry?
Me: (hmm look) when you came and hugged me, you said _____?
Josh: OHHH, I am the greatest!

hahahhaa that was a very random moment!

Jewelielyn said...

lol! thanks for sharing that. i think joshua's life is just one long string of random moments . . .