Tuesday, September 22, 2009

finally--the funny comes out!

so today . . . i laughed out loud at my school kids for the first time this year.

it has been a rough start to a new school year. our school is going through some transitions that have been difficult to deal with at times, so the mood among the staff is somewhat less than relaxed. and in the pre-k/kindergarten classrooms we have our hands full with behavior issues as well. it tends to make our days somewhat stressful, which probably doesn't help the atmosphere, but we are working on it.

i am just trying to keep my head above water. i have a pre-k/kindergarten combo class, and integrating their curriculums while trying to address different weekly themes than i am used to just puts my brain into overload some days. and i was having one of those days today. so this afternoon i was transitioning my kindergarteners from a short playtime into an art activity, and they were asking if we were going to paint (their favorite thing!) i said yes, we were going to use paint, but in a specific way. and one little girl said, "oh i know! we are going to paint ocean pictures." huh? and she continued, "well, you said we were going to paint in a pacific way!" i started to chuckle and then another little girl said, "no, she didn't say pacific, she said spafissick." i laughed and said, "what did you say?" and she said it again, "spafissick!" we tried it over and over again, but she just could not say it. she could say each syllable if i said it slowly enough, but she could not get the whole word out.

so then i asked them, "do you know what specific means?" and the first little girl raised her hand and said, "i already told you--it's the ocean!"


Mom said...

Pretty cute!!!!!!!!!!Worth a laugh.

Wendy said...

haha! Love kids! I'm getting a few good ones too but Ihave laughed out loud more times than I can count already!