Wednesday, September 23, 2009

let's all say thanks!

so today . . . let me just start by saying, my friend james rocks!!! he battled the killer computer virus until all was normal again . . . although he said he left it on my hard drive in case it had captured pieces of programs i use that would then be unusable if he completely deleted it. and then he said, "so, you could send it to someone else . . . " and then laughed. maybe a little nervously, as though he was thinking, "uh oh! what have i done?!" i thought he knew evil julie, but maybe he forgot about her until he saw the gleam in my eye. evil julie is secretly thrilled to know that she is in possession of such a weapon . . . i now amuse myself by compiling a list in my head of possible candidates with whom i might share . . . bwahahahaha (for the uninitiated, that is my evil laugh.)

since this is wednesday, i was going to repost the blog i wrote on myspace about the last time james helped us with a big computer issue. but first i thought i should make sure i hadn't already done it, so i searched my blogspot archives, and there it was. shoot!! (sometimes i really miss my brain . . . ) so i'm not going to re-repost it. albert would kill me. ("what? now you are reposting blogs you have already reposted?!? how many times am i going to have to read the same blog over and over and over again?? write something new! i'm not as old as you are! i remember what you have written--especially after i have read it twice!!" i take this abuse from him because he is my oldest blog reader--i don't mean his age, i mean he was one of my first blog readers, back in the myspace days.) i am, however, going to put the link here, just in case you missed it the first time. albert, don't click on that link!

and i know you are all probably getting tired of hearing me say how wonderful james is, but the truth is, without his help i would be sitting here twiddling my thumbs and you all would be staring at old blog posts, longing for the days when there was something new to read.

i told james how grateful all of you would be. i told him i was sure you missed reading my words just as much as i missed writing them. i told him i was sure you would all send him expensive gifts . . . but then i realized i would have to give out his address . . .

so instead, i am inviting my loyal readers (all 13 of you, plus anyone else who reads but isn't a follower) to write a comment thanking james for the service he has done to the blogosphere by enabling me to continue throwing my words out there. and then, in a week or so, i will email him this link so he can read your comments. because james is not a loyal reader--he is just my virus-slaying, computer fixing, patient, helpful, funny, partner-in-crime friend.

thanks james! you rock!!!

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Albert said...

James, you are the best. If I ever get a virus, I'll call you... but as much as I'm a loyal follower of Julie's blog, you should have made her go out to buy a new computer. That would make for a much better blog (rather than James, the Virus Slayer)...