Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"HELP! i need somebody (funny)"

so today . . . is wednesday, and i am back in school. so odds are, you will not be seeing blogs on wednesdays again for a while.

but i am a little bit worried, because i have now met the children in my class this year. and they are not funny--not at all. maybe they will get funny as the year goes on, but so far . . . not funny.

i was spoiled last year. i could count on joshua to say something hysterical every day. i couldn't always remember it when it came time to blog, but joshua did his part by providing me with material.

so i don't know what is going to happen. i am now spending most of my day with small, unfunny children, and the rest of it at home with other adults who are also tired from working all day. so they aren't that funny either--or maybe i am just too tired to recognize it . . . but my blogging future is at stake here!

maybe something funny will happen while i am at the gym. if i go. oops--i mean WHEN i go . . .


Mom said...

Give it time. They may not say funny things, but maybe they will do funny things. After a couple of days, it's wait and see. Waiting to hear how the gym goes. Never too young to start. In the meantime, look for a good massage therapist. hahaha

Sherry said...

I think every child has humor that comes flowing out as you get to know them. Besides, maybe you could request that your faithful readers will start to pray that you students will be funny ... LOL

I have been thinking about calling my business Joyful Noises. What do you think? Any other ideas?

Diandra Ann said...

Um... 1: I am HILARIOUS! 2: You WILL go to the gym! :)