Tuesday, September 1, 2009

how painful will it be?

so today . . . i joined a gym. i think.

diandra took the plunge a few weeks ago. she has talked about joining a gym for quite a while, and we have even talked about doing it together. but when rollie was in the hospital, she decided it was time. she texted me one afternoon while i was at the hospital to tell me she had joined, AND had signed up for four extra sessions with a personal trainer. she sounded really excited. i wasn't so sure . . . but she had an appointment to meet with the trainer, so i thought, "ok, we will see how this works out."

she came in the house from that first session very slowly. you should have seen her try to go up the stairs! it was hilarious--she could barely move!! i was so proud of her!!

i used to work out three times a week. when we lived in southern oregon, a new YMCA was built near our house. there was a lot of interest in it--i don't think there was another gym in town--and it was a lovely new facility. and i drove right by it on my way home from school. so i finally gave in to peer pressure and joined. i hated going, but i loved it once i got there. all the way home from school, i would argue with myself about whether i was going to go or not. i was tired. i had stuff to do. i could always go the next day. and yet, when i came to the entrance, most of the time my car would turn in. it was hard because i went alone. no one was waiting for me to show up, so it would have been easy not to go. but i went anyway.

then we moved from that small town, to one that was even smaller. it had a gym (kind of) but the monthly fee was ridiculous! so i convinced myself that i would just walk out in the fresh air for exercise. we were close to the beach, and i love the beach, so i thought it was a good solution. and it would have been, if i had ever done it. but it was cold. it was wet. there were lots of steep hills (which i know would have been good for me, had i ever gone . . . ) and so, it never happened.

then we moved here. people here are very health and body conscious. there are gyms on every corner, with people in them at every hour of the day and night. so i can't blame my inactivity on a lack of opportunity.

i blame it on the wardrobe.

i have come to the conclusion that i don't exercise, because i don't like having to change my clothes in the middle of the day! maybe it would help if i had cute exercise clothes, but i usually wear shorts and t-shirts that escaped the goodwill box only because i thought they would be ok to wear when i exercise. (i say "when," but i really mean "if i ever in a million years . . . ") but changing clothes to work out means hanging up and putting away the clothes i wore to work, and then repacking my gym bag after i put the workout clothes in the laundry, and then putting on another change of clothes until it is time to go to bed. i'm sorry, but that is just too much changing! and so i come home with every good intention of walking. but before i can get upstairs to put on walking clothes, i gtet distracted. and then it is time for dinner. and then it gets dark. and then it is finally too late. really. and so i go to bed, having escaped the exercise experience for another day.

but when diandra joined this gym, they had an incredible deal for other people who wanted to join with her. i wanted to join, but i didn't know how i would fit it into my schedule. and should i really pay for a gym to exercise in when i can't even get my body out the door to walk the poor puppies? and how long would i have to wait for equipment among the throngs of people who frequent these places?!?

we discussed it. and she reminded me that there was a time limit to the special offer. and i tried to figure out how i was ever going to find the time to do it. but diandra kept going, and she was moving a little easier each day.

finally i succumbed to peer pressure once again--ok, not peer pressure, but sometimes daughter pressure can be just as great! and told her i would give it a try.

and then today i got this text message: "you are a gym member, and you owe me $50."

i replied, "yay?" and she wrote back, "yay!"

so apparently i have a gym membership. and an appointment with a personal trainer--just ONE. and at least two facilities within a couple of miles of my house.

you would think that now i have no excuse for not exercising. and yet, i am sure i can think of one. or two.

i guess i'd better go pack my gym bag . . .


Diandra Ann said...

How funny!!! I was just thinking tomorrow may be the day of new work out clothes :) it will help!

Mom said...

Have fun. Remember the hardest part is the first step. After that it is easy and enjoyable. Clears the mind and energizes the body. Get the ipod ready!!!!!