Friday, September 11, 2009

sometimes your comments crack me up!

so today . . . rollie and diandra and i were discussing some of my recent blog posts. ok, we were having the discussion about what sort of torture machine i had actually been using in the blog i wrote about my first visit to the gym. it sure seemed like an elliptical machine to me, but diandra says it wasn't. of course, she can't tell me exactly what kind of machine it was, but she seems sure that it wasn't an elliptical machine. which is what she said when she commented on it . . .

so i was telling them about the comment sherry made on the same blog, and that diandra's comment made her laugh as much as the actual blog that i wrote . . .

and that got us to talking about some of the other comments you guys have written in response to my almost daily posts. and i have to say, you guys are funny too! sometimes a comment will make me laugh out loud, but sometimes it is the whole stream of comments that is funny--it is almost like another blog, but with your thoughts.

so i am going to suggest that on those days when i don't blog--which have been few and far between, but may be a little more frequent this fall--you go back and read the comments that have been left on the blogs. here are a few of my favorites, starting with "i will survive."

also check out--
"petco: is it walmart for dogs?"
"the devil (donuts) and rollie"
"timing is everything"
"but is it really mocking if there is love?"
"at least it isn't a rerun"
"joshua-isms" --i include this, because i am missing joshua this year, and this is one of my favorite blogs. and another teacher included a funny story in her comment. so if you are missing joshua stories too, read this one again.
"wednesday bonus blog: alert! food talk ahead"
"the mysterious disappearing food"

while my plan is to continue to blog every day, i have a very challenging class to teach this year, and i'm also trying to go to the gym, which takes time each day. so if i miss a day here or there, don't panic and think something is wrong. it was probably just a hectic day and i ran out of time (since school has started again and i can no longer stay up until 2:00 a.m. every night!)

remember, your comments are my reward for blogging. and i need rewards, so keep the comments coming. whether they are funny or not, i love to hear your reactions to what i write.

thanks for reading . . .

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Mom said...

A great idea... I always try to go back and read the comments but don't always think of it. Will try to be more diligent...