Saturday, September 12, 2009

i'm a gym rat--i have the clothes to prove it!

so today . . . i bought workout clothes.

i'm not all that worried about how i look when i go work out, but i want to be comfortable. ok, i also want to be color-coordinated if possible, but that is a secondary concern. so what to wear to the gym has been a bit of an issue, since i am more likely to have clothes i can wear with heels than clothes to wear with sneakers.

i am thinking i will get hot while exercising. i think if i am doing it correctly, i should even sweat. so jeans and a cute top are not going to work. not only would that be uncomfortable and hot, but i'm pretty sure it would draw the disdain of the other people laboring away on the equipment. and my ineptness on the machines already draws more attention than i would like, without adding inappropriate clothing to the mix. so i am going to need shorts.

i have several pairs of shorts, but they are the cotton plaid bermuda style shorts. they are cute, but not really gym-appropriate. i did have two pair i thought might work. i bought them last summer before i went on vacation, because i thought they would be comfortable to sit around in at night. they are stretchy cotton knit and go clear to my knees! (ok, i am not at the gym to pick up guys, so these shorts will be perfect!) but i only had 2 pair and if i am going to the gym 4 times a week, i am still a couple pair short. (don't even suggest i do laundry in the middle of the week! that is not going to happen--and when would i find the time anyway, what with hanging out at the gym all the time . . . )

tops were another problem. tshirts would be ok, but i do sweat on those terrible machines of death (i speak of the elliptical machines or stair steppers, or whatever the heck i was on!) and a shirt with sleeves just compounds the problem. i need tank tops! but the tank tops i have are just barely long enough to meet the tops of my shorts, and i am pretty sure i am not a "bare-midriff" type person. some people are--mostly the people who have already been going to the gym for the last 5 years and are showing off their abs! i would not be one of those people. ever. also, my current crop of tank tops are made from a ribbed knit which is a little heavy--translate that to mean warm--so while they are better than a tshirt, i am going to be less than comfortable in them.

but even though i was going to have to get some workout clothes, i hadn't really planned on buying them today. i went to target to buy a sweater that i had seen was on sale. and then i found a pair of shorts--nice long shorts--on sale for a mere $7. ooooh, i thought. i wonder what else is on sale . . .

i made my way to the area set aside for work out clothes. this is not an area i frequent. in fact, the only time i have ever given it any attention was last summer when i went to purchase the shorts for my vacation. i think of this area as the place where gym rats spend their money, while i prefer to spend mine on shoes.

i was hoping to find one more pair of shorts on sale, but instead i found tops! tops made of a feathery light miracle fabric that promised to keep me cool and dry and ventilated(?!?) no matter how hard i worked out . . . and they were on sale for $7! and they had my size! and they came in fashionable colors!!

although, i have noticed that most of the gym ratty people wear black, white, and gray. i too would wear black, white, and gray--which would further my quest to remain unnoticed--except black, white, and gray were not on sale. pink, turquoise, and dark blue were on sale (probably because the gym rats beat me to the black, white, and gray!) so that's what i got.

and i'm not quite sure why i have to be ventilated. cool and dry i understand, and i am looking forward to seeing just how these tops accomplish that seemingly impossible task. but ventilated . . . ?

i guess i am going to have to work at becoming more proficient on those machines, because my new, colorful clothing might make me stand out from the crowd a bit. which means if i fall off the ellipical machine while trying to drink from my water bottle (hey--it could happen. ask diandra,) more people will notice. and snicker.

and i guess i'd better keep that appointment with a personal trainer on monday. even though i'm pretty sure the personal trainers are minions of the devil. maybe he can at least teach me to use the machinery without embarrassing myself. although, he'll probably want my soul in return . . .


Wendy said...

Your blog was fun but a lot to-do about nothing! =) I'm betting my money that there is NO WAY you will go to the gym 4 days a week! Ha! You've got to be kidding! Not only that- it's too many days for a woman your age and weight! It's easier, more enjoyable and cheaper to walk the dogs!

Diandra Ann said...

Oh but Wendy... she is going 4 times a week! She is meeting me there... it seems to keep her going :)

Mom said...

Make your goals, set your priorities and go for it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Diandra- she needs to eat more then!

Jewelielyn said...

wendy--apparently the trainer agrees with you. but it seems like i eat all the time! i think i'm just a lightweight.