Monday, September 7, 2009

to sleep? or not to sleep?

so today . . . i woke up at 9:00.

i know that is not earth shattering information--probably most of you wake up much earlier than that on a regular basis. but the problem is, i thought it was 10:30.

when i am on summer vacation, i stay up late--really late, like 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. late. or would that be early . . . ? i don't know. and then i sleep until about 10:30 the next morning. that is just my summer schedule. so when school starts in the fall, adjustments must be made.

my plan is always to start creeping my bedtime forward in august so that i am back to a normal schedule by september. this never happens. ever. and then the week before school, i think, "YIKES! i have to start going to bed earlier!" but at the same time, i realize it is my last week of summer vacation, and so either i spend it doing all the fun things i didn't get done earlier, or all the work i didn't get done earlier, or recovering from all the work and fun i did do earlier. which means i stay up even later!

this year was unique, because i had to start school before labor day--this has never happened to me before. so i spent the last couple of weeks of august in denial (meaning staying up late and pretending the summer wasn't ending,) and started my new school year tired. and spent the whole first week in that state. which is ok, because i had a long weekend coming up . . . and my plan for that weekend included lots and lots of sleeping.

saturday i had stuff to do, some of it outside, and it was getting HOT. so i knew i couldn't spend the whole morning sleeping. sunday morning i had band rehearsal early, and then church. that left this morning for my last opportunity to decrease my sleep deficit.

the stage was set. my alarm was off (oh, did i forget to tell you that yesterday i left my school alarm on? it went off 30 minutes earlier than i needed to get up on sunday morning. but it took me a long time to shut it off, because on sunday morning i use my phone alarm. and i kept punching and poking the screen on my phone and the stupid alarm would not shut off!! because it was not my phone alarm--it was my clock--a half hour early. sigh.) ok, BOTH my alarms were off. rollie was up and out. he had taken the dogs with him so they wouldn't bother me. i should have been in blissful slumber until nearly noon.

and then, i turned over toward the clock. my brain was slightly awake, but my eyes were still shut. my brain thought, "you should look at the clock." my eyes said no. my eyes are smarter than my brain. they knew that if i looked at the time, that would be it--i would not be able to go back to sleep. my brain said, "but diandra is out of town and you turned off your cell phone, and what if she tries to call or text?" my eyes said she could just leave a message--i needed to sleep. my brain was horrified at that, and forced my eyes open.

my clock said 10:28.

ok, but remember what i said about the time on my clock? it is not the right time. and i wasn't awake enough to do the math to find the correct time. but i figured it was still probably 10:00, and i should probably get up. my eyes were not happy with my brain! so i laid there for a while longer, until the dogs discovered i was not sleeping (i don't know how they can tell that--my eyes were still closed!) it soon became pointless to stay in bed--there was too much commotion. so i got up, got dressed and headed downstairs wondering whether i should eat breakfast or lunch. it was, after all nearly noon by then . . .

only it wasn't. it was 9:30. i'm not kidding you!! i'm not quite sure how it happened. i must have read the time wrong on my clock. or maybe my brain tricked my eyes. but there i was. up. and dressed. and thinking i should choose breakfast over lunch, since it was only 9:30 in the morning!!!!

it was strange--my whole day was skewed. every time i looked at the clock it was 2 hours earlier than i felt like it should be. i got quite a bit done before we ate lunch at 2:00. but after lunch i was feeling my early morning. and since my plan for the weekend was sleep, i took a nap. it must have compensated for my early rising, because when i woke up, it felt like the planets were all in alignment once again.

now, if i can just get to bed early tonight. but first i have to pack my gym bag (yes, my plan is to hit the gym tomorrow,) get my school stuff ready to go, and go pick diandra up from the airport. her plane lands at 9:48. somehow, i don't think "early" is in my future. maybe i should shoot for "before midnight."

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