Friday, January 16, 2009

allergy or flu? does it even matter?

so today . . . i am paying the price for our lovely weather. the santa ana winds have been blowing for several days now, pushing our daily temperatures into the 80's. it has been beautiful! however, it does not come without a cost. many people complain of allergy symptoms when the winds blow, and i am one of them.

i have never had allergy problems before, but these winds are killing me! at least, i am hoping it is the winds, because the other alternative is that i am getting sick . . .

this is also a possibility. i cannot tell you how many children are coming to school with runny noses and coughs. i try to keep my distance, but sometimes they manage to breathe on me anyway. and they touch everything! schools are probably more germy than a pediatrician's office.

whatever the reason, i can't breathe!!! so i have spent the evening laying on the couch, alternately dozing and reading, which is really not a bad way to spend an evening. i finally realized i should take something for the congestion, so i have done that, and now i am thinking maybe a cup of tea would be nice . . .

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