Wednesday, January 28, 2009

too many choices?

so today . . . i am back on looking at business cards. as you may recall, that is how i got started blogging--i needed something to put on business cards. at that time, i thought i had chosen a card i wanted--turquoise blue with a bright yellow sunflower. but i was never completely happy with it, so i didn't order any.

but vista print never gives up! apparently they realized how much time i had spent working on a business card that never got ordered, and decided to plague me until an order was placed! so every few days i get another ad from vista print promising me 250 business cards for FREE! (that many cards will probably last me forever, as i have no idea who i am going to give these free business cards to.) but NOW there is an even better deal. NOW i can apparently choose from their entire line of designs for the low, low price of $3.99 for 250 cards. i think to myself, "ooohh, i wonder what the more expensive cards look like?" so off i go to and find that they have over 1800 designs!! i try to narrow it down by selecting a category of designs, but since i am just a little OCD i am afraid that if i don't look at them ALL, i might miss the perfect one. so that is what i do . . .

it didn't take as long as i thought it would--94 images per page meant i ONLY had to look through 19 pages of business cards. i was astounded by the choices! no matter what your occupation or interest, there were business cards for you! and then there were several selections that were nature inspired or just very colorful abstract designs. how was i going to decide? it was easier when my only choices were the free ones!

while looking through page after page after page of cards, i started to have a bit of an identity crisis. who am i, really? a few of the cards had cool houses or architectural designs on them, but i'm not a realtor or an architect. there was one with the perfect wave curl, but i'm not a surfer. i'm not a florist or even someone who does gardening, although a lot of cards had pretty flower designs. i am a teacher, but that isn't all i am. i do play the piano and there are a couple of cool keyboard designs, but i don't think i am good enough at it to showcase my interest on my cards. i've come to realize that my cards will say something about who i am--so what do i want them to say?

i have no idea.

i don't know what i want my cards to say, i don't know what i want them to look like, i don't know who i will ever give them to--all i know is, for some reason, i want business cards (even though i don't have a business!) so i guess i will keep on working on it. and now that i have been blogging for a month, maybe "blogger" will be my business title instead of "consultant" or maybe "blogging consultant . . . "


Wendy said...

A LITTLE OCD????? Give me a break! I think I've FIANLLY found someone more OCD (or as I say- anal) than my husband!

Wendy said...

Jeff card consultant! I could offer many many more ideas, but for the sake of our friendship, I'll keep my mouth shut! Ahhhhahahaha!

Lisa said...


Check out Victorian Trading Company online. They have a lot of really lovely business/personal calling cards. They reflect who you are only by being pretty and elegant. If the show fits, wear it!