Wednesday, January 14, 2009

an average day turned into a good day

so today . . . i have blogger's block! i had 3 or 4 paragraphs written about american idol (which returns this week! yeah!) but then i thought probably most of you wouldn't be that interested in it. i thought about what happened at school today, but it was just an average day, although we did have spinach at lunch (do i really have to say it? YUCK!) and then it was time to head for the church--worship band practice, dinner, and bible study. some weeks wednesdays exhaust me and some weeks they exhilarate me. i thought today was going to be an exhausting one, but it turned out not to be.

it was the teens--they rock!! after dinner, provided by my wonderful husband, i walked into the teen room for something and had conversations with three different kids, then another one outside. here is the thing i love about our church--it doesn't matter who you are, people like you. really. we aren't all "cool" but it doesn't matter. you know how whenever people get together, whether it is at a party or a class or a church, people tend to get into groups with other people like them. but at our church, you see different kinds of people talking to each other all over the place. i love that! those teens don't seem to think about my age--they see me coming and they smile and hug me and talk. truthfully there are times when their drama makes me want to scream. but tonight there was no drama coming my way--just some kids with new phones or old shoes or cracked screens, or guitar players wanting to be drummers. and talking to them lifted my otherwise ordinary day out of the "average" category and into the "good" category.

one more doubletree inn cookie would have elevated it into the "great" category, BUT SOMEBODY ATE IT!!!!

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Diandra Ann said...

hey now... you cant leave your cookies just sitting around where ANYONE might think that they are up for grabs...

now you see why i do what i do... it seems almost every day is like this in one way or another... they really do change your life!

and in my defense... i OFFERED to get you new cookies...