Friday, January 23, 2009

a clean car and you don't even have to tip anyone

so today . . . it rained.

i took my car out and parked it in the driveway, hoping the rain would wash off the dust. this is an unusual occurance for two reasons.

1. "it never rains in california . . ." at least not during the day. really! i know it occasionally rains at night because sometimes when i wake up everything is wet. but it hardly ever rains during the day. i don't know why this is. it probably has something to do with where the mountains are and the orientation of the coastline . . . but today it rained all day! and since i was home from school again (i am still sick!) i got to see it! and hear it!!

2. my car is never dirty. every night when i get home, i take out my giant california car duster and clean off my car. but the last two weeks they have started construction on a new building where i teach, and they are using cement blocks. so my car gets covered in the dust created when the blocks are cut to the necessary size, and since i think this cement dust will scratch my shiny black paint (that rollie just had waxed for me) i don't disturb it. thus, it is pretty dusty.

there is really no punchline to this story, except that while most people would be putting their cars INTO their garages to get out of the rain, i took my car OUT of the garage and into the rain. because it needed a bath. now i am just hoping that it rained enough to clean it off . . .

(ok. let me just say that i know this is not one of my more entertaining or enlightening blogs, but after spending two days in the recliner alternately blowing my nose and coughing, it's all i could come up with. i mean, not much happens when you are drugged, dressed in your pajamas, and struggling to breathe. especially when it is raining . . . even in california . . . )

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Wendy said...

You're a dork!