Thursday, January 15, 2009

shoes, shoes, shoes

so today . . . i wore the wrong shoes to school. they were ok, but when i happened to see my reflection in the glass door at recess, i realized i had another pair of shoes at home that would have looked so much better than the ones i had chosen. my feet were embarrassed the rest of the day! about then a little girl ran past me wearing a pair of silver sparkly shoes. they were new and they were beautiful. she had only had them for a couple of weeks and she wore them every day. every day! i looked around the playground at the shoes that were running and kicking and jumping and realized that most of the kids wear the same shoes every day. so at what point do we decide we need 46 pairs of shoes? (i'm not saying i HAVE 46 pairs of shoes--i may have more or i may have less, i don't know. i was going to count them, and then decided that maybe ignorance was bliss.)

my newest shoes were a gift from my daughter. they are black and brown checked vans and i love them! my new favorite color combination is black and brown (so i can wear my new shoes,) and those are the shoes i should have had on today. could i wear those shoes every day? no--i mean, i guess i could if they were all i had, but i have a lot of shoes. here's the thing--i don't grow out of my shoes anymore, and i am careful with them so i don't very often wear out a pair. and that is how i end up with so many, many shoes. so how many shoes are enough? will i ever never get another pair of shoes? i've been thinking about this, since the economy seems to be taking a turn for the worse. and i think that if i just get a pair of red flat shoes and a pair of silver flat sandals, i can probably weather the downturn in the economy. oh, and a pair of dark brown boots . . .

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