Wednesday, January 21, 2009

where's the pizza?

so today . . . i am still feeling pretty bad. i think my allergy has morphed into something much more evil. i have sent 6 kids home already this week with fevers!! and i am NOT going in tomorrow unless i wake up feeling much better than i did today. so i don't have much brain power for blogging. but i do have something that i hope will give you a chuckle.

joshua drew this picture for me today. joshua usually draws tyrannasaurus rexes with bloody teeth and sharks eating swimmers, so this was a new direction for his art. he was talking most of the time he was drawing, but truthfully i missed most of it because i was kind of vegged out today, just trying to breathe. but i did hear him talking about shark fins. i asked him if he had ever eaten shark fins and he said, "yes, in soup!" so i had him tell me about the rest of the food he had drawn on his plate. it had some very interesting choices. when i asked about the orange things at the top right of the plate, he said, "ducks!" i said, "ducks?" and he said, "well, they are dead ducks!" if you look closely you will also see rice, fish sticks, chicken nuggets, corn, alligator, rice, dumplings, fish, vegetables, and carrots. i guess he was hungry . . .

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