Saturday, January 17, 2009

samsung rocks!

so today . . . i am going to brag about my new little computer. it is awesome!

first of all, let's talk about the size. it is about 10 inches by 7 inches and weighs only 2.8 pounds. it is pearly white, but not glossy so fingerprints won't mar the surface. it has a 10 inch screen which doesn't seem too much smaller than the 12.1 inch screen on my last laptop. and it is sleek--even the giant battery doesn't stick out of the back. i can slip it into my larger handbags and hardly even notice it is there!
now for the specs--1gb of ram, 3 usb ports, 160 gb hard drive!!!! inputs, outputs, and a 6 cell battery with a battery life of 6-8 hours!! it has an sd card slot and my first built-in webcam.

the only downside (and it is marginal) is that it doesn't have a cd/dvd drive. now when i first heard about the mac air book (which doesn't have a cd/dvd drive) i thought it was crazy to build a computer without one. but actually, the more i thought about it, i realized i hardly ever used my cd/dvd drive. however, i will probably eventually get a usb powered dvd drive so that i can make copies of my music cds to use at school--i don't like to use the originals there, because they tend to get scratched up or lost.

ok, now for the fun part--it is just so cute! i can pick it up and hold it easily with one hand. the screen is bright. and the battery really does last--i take it to school and turn it on by 8:15 and it runs until i get ready to go home at 3:15 ON THE BATTERY!! i don't even carry the power cord to school with me. i've never had a laptop with a battery like that--i've been on an airplane and had the battery go dead on my laptop before i can even finish a movie! so my previous laptops haven't been all that portable. and a 160gb hard drive?!? i love that.

it is so pristine. for the first few days i didn't do anything but surf the internet, because i didn't want to mess it up with stuff. but the day came when i decided i was going to keep it, and it was time to install software. i pulled out the first cd . . . and then remembered there was no place to put it! they say you can use your old computer to transfer programs onto a usb drive and install software that way. i didn't have much success with that, so i just started downloading stuff. it is amazing how much you can download (which i am sure the computer people know--thus no cd drive.) i haven't started putting pictures or music on it yet--that is where my files get messy--but i think all my main programs and data have been transferred.

but the best thing is that i have done almost everything by myself! usually i have to keep calling rollie to help me do stuff that i don't know how to do. but he has been really busy this week, so i have just been figuring things out on my own. he helped me with a couple of things, but i am feeling pretty proud of myself today! i love electronics, but i don't really understand them. i think they know it, and they mock me! but not this sweet little laptop--i think it loves me, at least so far . . .

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