Saturday, January 31, 2009

the one that got away

so today . . . i was a slug. really. i spent most of the day on the couch with my cute little laptop surfing the web. it was a lovely day. i spent a lot of time looking for a computer bag that was small enough to protect my new baby, but with very little success.

you would think that the people who make these teeny tiny machines would know that we will need teeny tiny padded bags to carry them in. at least we will if we are women. and, a computer bag is an accessory, so black neoprene is just not going to cut it! i have to say that after spending a good portion of the day clicking around online, there is very little out there that i can get excited about.

apparently there ARE small, cool looking bags out there, but they do not come cheaply. look closely at this ad i saw in vogue magazine (and no, i don't subscribe to vogue. but sometimes in a waiting room there aren't a lot of choices!)
in case the print is too small for you to read, let me translate. the tiny computer on this page sells for $400. each of the two carrying bags shown with it cost $830!! EACH!!! and they are just protective sleeves--there aren't any pockets for accessories or even carrying handles. who would spend more than twice as much as they spent on their computer for a protective bag?!? i mean, if your computer gets scratched up, just buy another one and you will still come out ahead!

i sound a little bitter, i know. here is why . . .

before my computer arrived at my house, i was at the mall. i was just browsing around, and i found a computer bag in victoria's secret. it was kind of a plummy burgundy color--the same color as the trim on my handbag--and all the zippers had golden pull tabs. it was pink and white striped inside. it was generously padded and had both a shoulder strap and short handles. it even had an outside zipper pocket for accessories. AND it was on sale for 50% off. i really liked it, but did i buy it? NO . . . because i hadn't looked around at bags much, and what if i found one i liked better? would it even fit my computer (which i hadn't actually seen in person yet.) and even at 50% off the price seemed a little high to me, (although now having looked around i realize that it was very reasonably priced.) i mean, it was victoria's secret--it isn't like they specialize in computer bags!! instead i came home and started checking around on the internet to see what other options i had. and as i said before, i found that there was not much out there that wasn't black. so i decided the bag at the mall was just perfect and went back to get it.

and it was gone. of course.

so now i am back to trying to find something online. and it is even harder now, because i keep seeing that perfect bag, and nothing else measures up--not even the $830 goyard bags . . .
which, by the way, are NOT reasonably priced!

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