Monday, January 26, 2009

classroom or germ factory?

so today . . . i went back to work. it was kind of hard to get up and get going after four days of not having to get up early. i laid in my recliner (yes, i am still sleeping in the recliner--i have to choose between laying down and breathing) and hit the snooze button twice. even then, i wasn't sure my eyes were ever going to open. i'm still not feeling all that great, but i am on antibiotics so i am not contagious, and i needed to get back to work for many reasons.

anyway, i did finally drag my body out of the recliner and up the stairs to get ready for work. i spent the first hour at school trying to make sense of what had happened with my students on the two days that i was gone, but i really didn't have the brain power to do it. i led music time for the pre-k and kindergarten classes, because it was my turn. (although, i have to say that my "dancing" wasn't very enthusiastic, and it made me a little bit dizzy!) i taught both classes in our classroom, because the other teacher was gone, and then headed outside to FREEZE for 45 minutes of playtime. (this was kind of funny--right now our playground is all in the shade except for a small area about 6' x 3' and guess where all the teachers were standing? yup, in that tiny area of sunshine. and when there was a problem in the shady area, we all kind of looked at each other like, "whose turn is it to brave the cold this time?") then we went in and had noodles for lunch, which was nice because ALL the kids like noodles.

i was starting to drag a bit, but the end was in sight. just another 15 minutes to go and all the little dumplings would be down for their naps, and it would be my lunch time. i was watching the minutes tick by on the clock as i finished cleaning up from lunch.

and then it happened.

megan came up to me and said, "teacher . . ." and threw up! right at my feet! she just barely missed my new shoes . . .

you see, THIS is why i teach kindergarten and not pre-k. kindergarten kids know to go to the trash can if they have to throw up. kindergarten kids don't have bathroom accidents. if kindergarten kids spill their milk or juice, they can clean it up themselves. if i am teaching pre-k, i want a janitor on call at all times!!!

and so, the saga continues as another one bites the dust . . .

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Wendy said...

ewww.... sick! We were just talking about the day my assistant was literally covered in pink puik from head to toe! I nearly puiked as I ran out of the room screaming! Remind me again...why do we teach young children?