Friday, January 2, 2009

what can you buy with $15 anyway?!?

so today . . . i'll bet i checked the ups online site 4 or 5 times. i know it was pointless to check it more than once, but i have to know! where is it? when will it arrive? maybe they didn't know where it was at 10:00 this morning, but maybe they did at noon, or at 2:30 or at 4:00. you see, i ordered a new computer, and i am impatient for it to get here! it is coming from new york, and i ordered it on tuesday, so i know that there is no way it will arrive before the middle of next week, and yet i have this irrational hope that it will arrive any day now . . .

i have been having computer issues for several weeks. just when we think we fix one thing, something else starts acting weird. i use my computer A LOT! it is on all day and evening almost every day. i carry it back and forth to school, i use it at home, and i take it whenever i go out of town. i NEED my computer, and it is trying to die on me! but it was time to start looking for another one, so i headed for the internet.

i started researching. and researching and researching and researching. pros and cons abounded. (did i mention that i have a love/hate relationship with my electronics? i love anything black or silver that has a rechargeable battery, but there are so many options that i hate making a choice.) i went to discuss it with rollie, and he said, "either make a choice or i will just order one for you." he knows me. he knows i can research for months and never buy anything! like the time i researched digital cameras for six months and finally narrowed it down to three choices, but couldn't decide which one to order. so he bought one for me for christmas!

and while i really like the camera he chose for me, i wanted to make my own choice about a computer. as i mentioned, i will use it all the time. but since i didn't want to have to pay shipping or tax, i really had to shop around. and the clock was ticking . . . so, in record-breaking time (about a week) i made a decision and clicked the button that said, "send it to me!" and now i wait. and wait and wait and wait. and all because, after all of that, i didn't want to spend an extra $15 for 2 day shipping . . .

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