Monday, January 12, 2009

random recess ramblings

so today . . . at recess the kids were playing pretty well. i mean, i wasn't constantly responding to tattling, bickering, and tears. two little girls had a ball, and they were bouncing it back and forth to each other instead of fighting over it. several kids were actually building with the giant foam blocks instead of whacking each other with them. nobody was being run over by a bike or a scooter. and the basketball players were throwing the basketballs at the hoop instead of kicking them at each other. i don't know what it is about recess, but some days the attempted violence is surprising!

anyway, as i said, today the cooperation factor was high, and so there wasn't a lot that demanded my attention. i was sitting on a chair (we were inside today because of the dust from the new construction, which is too bad because it was BEAUTIFUL outside today--85 degrees!) holding a tiny little girl who just needed some extra attention. and after a few minutes, i realized that several different children had come up to me and said just one thing. i didn't have any conversations--they just ran up, told me something, and then ran off. it was kind of funny, so i started keeping track of what they said.

"do you know what i was for halloween?"

"when my sister was a baby she was very, very fat!"

"my mom has a new phone, but she doesn't know how to use it."

"my face is wet!"

"yesterday i wore my tights."

"on saturday night . . . no wait, it was sunday night . . . no, saturday night i ate a lot of spinach."

it made me laugh--all these random thoughts just thrown my way . . . and yet, when i connect each thought with the child who said it, i realized that it did reveal a little bit more about who they are and what their family is like. it sort of reminded me of blogging--lots of different people writing about random things. but as they write, they reveal something about who they are and what is important to them. i think that is why i like to read blogs--sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me think, but they always reveal something about the person who wrote them.

but that's not why i blog. i blog because i have found that i like to write. i blog because choosing one thing to write about every day helps me to see that my days are NOT all the same. i blog because i LOVE words. i blog because my mom lives 1000 miles away, and even though i talk to her on the phone once in a while, it's not enough! i blog because what if i get senile and start forgetting things? i blog because it is fun! and if it reveals something about me, well, i guess i will just have to accept that . . .

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